Moving to cookbooker.com

This blog has moved now – lock, stock and barrel, over to www.cookbooker.com/blog. Not that WordPress.com isn’t great, but I wanted Cookbooker’s blog to fit the overall look of the rest of Cookbooker. So come visit! There are lots more posts there…


Local and Organic

Gary Argyle's Farm Gate

Gary Argyle's Farm Gate

It seems fitting that I’m starting this blog with a visit to a local farm for ingredients.

Gary Argyle has a great little organic farm on Maxey Road in Nanaimo. We usually go every Saturday morning for fresh carrots, onions and garlic. The girls and I contentedly munch carrots as we walk back to the car.

A binfull of wonderful garlic

A binfull of wonderful garlic

He’s practicing late season farming and promises to have produce into midwinter, which is excellent, considering how usually in the supermarkets everything is from California in the winter. And his carrots get tastier the colder it gets…

So, for recipes, the onions will go into some fresh pasta sauce and caramelized on tonight’s pizza, which is from Peter Meinhart’s wonderful American Pie. The carrots will mostly be eaten as snacks, but we do like to roast them with beets, cauliflower, potatoes and chicken thighs on cold evenings, using a recipe from Everyday Food.

Cookbooker launched this week, officially, but quietly. I’m going to spend the next little while adding more of my own reviews, fixing bugs and encouraging people to visit the site and try it out. It promises to be a great resource for people who like cookbooks and cooking, but of course it will need people to actually go there. So I’ll try to lead by example. My family is going to be tasting a lot of new recipes over the weeks and months ahead.

I’ll be posting here about how it goes.


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